EL Questionnaire 2019

Name: Jessica Griffin
Company: CBT Architects
Concentration: Workplace Interiors
College/University: Wentworth Institute of Technology
Year(s) of Graduation: 2012

What is your strongest personal quality?: My optimism and energy level.
What skill set are you most proud of professionally?: My organizational skills and time management, and being able to easily get along with different personality types.
What was your favorite toy when you were a kid?: Polly Pockets.
What do you hope to accomplish as an IIDA Emerging Leader?: To learn new skills that can further shape me as a professional designer. Also establishing new relationships within the industry.
What's your go-to for de-stressing?: Going for a run or blasting music and dancing.
Revit, CAD, or Sketchup?: Revit
Are you usually early or late?: Hmm…for work, on time. Everything else, usually 5 mins late. Let’s be real.
What three things are in your bag?: Headphones, lip balm, a good book.
What is your favorite part of being an IIDA member?: Meeting so many wonderful people.
Why did you choose to become an Interior Designer?: I always loved art and color as a kid, in high school I fell in love with photography and Photoshop, and when applying for college, Interior Design just seemed like the perfect balance of artsy/creative with a technical balance. I also love being able to shape a space and improve the experience that people share while being there.