The IIDA New England Emerging Leaders program was developed in 2013 as a way to mentor and provide specific professional development to young design leaders in our chapter. Many graduates of the program have gone on to chair IIDA NE committees, hold seats on our Board of Directors, and – most importantly – to achieve leadership positions on their project teams and within their respective design firms. The impact of this year-long program on firm business and leadership development is well-recognized by principals throughout our design community.

The program itself is comprised of an 11-month curriculum. Meetings/sessions are held virtually on the 3rd Monday of each month, from 5:30 - 8:00 p.m., February - December. Firm principals are expected to ensure that their emerging leaders’ workloads and deadlines are managed so that they can attend the sessions (shared responsibility for communication between principals and emerging leaders).

In the early part of the following year, we aim to place each of the Emerging Leaders on committees so they can start practicing their new leadership skills. We also endeavor to get them professional headshots (paid for by IIDA NE) if they don’t have one through their firm. In addition, one person from each class is chosen by the ELN Committee as Emerging Leader of the Year and is recognized and awarded at the annual Business Leaders Breakfast.

Learn more about our current and past groups of IIDA NE Emerging Leaders below.