Name: Rachel Arnold
Company: Knoll
Providence City Center & Hartford City Center


How many years have you served on this Committee?
I've been part of IIDA for 2.5 years.

Why did you choose this Committee?
I chose to join Providence City Center and Hartford City Center to get to know the designers and industry peers in my region.  I’ve found IIDA to be a great place to connect with people while producing fun and creative events that give back to not only the design community but local communities as well.  Because of my involvement in IIDA, I’ve been given a tremendous opportunity for personal and professional growth.  I’m grateful that IIDA offers me new ways to enhance my skill set that I may not experience otherwise.

How did you get into the A&D industry?
I got into the A&D industry when I started working as a Workplace Sales Rep for Knoll.  My role is to partner with A&D firms on projects, be a resource, provide inspiration and educate them on the latest research and product information.

What is your favorite IIDA NE event?
It's hard to choose a favorite event to be honest, they’re all so great but I think I’ll have to go with the Croquet Tournament.  You get to meet so many folks from our region, bring new faces together and have some fun playing croquet in a beautiful venue, it really is a fantastic event!