Name: Katie Corcoran
Company: Interface
Communication Committee

How many years have you served on this Committee? 
This is my first year!

Why did you choose this Committee? 
I choose the Communications Committee as I love learning what’s new and good in the design industry. The team is super smart and savvy and it’s a joy developing strategies to deliver the most relevant content to IIDA Members. Believe it or not, I was the Editor-In-Chief of my high school newspaper and then went on to get a BS in Journalism in college so having the ability to wear that editorial hat again through the IIDA Email Committee is a no-brainer. 

How did you get into the A&D industry?
My career has evolved from advertising technology sales, to marketing and website design strategy in NYC. I’m still pretty new to Boston and the A&D industry, but was introduced through friends and have very quickly found my forever career home. 

What is your favorite IIDA NE event? 
The Fashion Show is something special! Wow. I do have to say though, I love the smaller philanthropy events like workout classes and craft-making as well. It's always great hanging with other members and friends.