Name: Ana Gannon
Company: Haworth


How many years have you served on this Committee?
I've been on the Committee since 2014.

Why did you choose this Committee?
I believe that giving back to our community is essential to our organization.  Our committee has been doing a terrific job supporting our charitable organizations and creating a number of volunteer opportunities for our members to make a difference. I am proud to be part of this awesome team!

How did you get into the A&D industry?
My first job as an architect in Brazil was at an office furniture manufacturer and I fell in love with this industry. I love working alongside the A&D community and helping them create inspiring spaces for their clients.  

What is your favorite IIDA NE event?
On the Philanthropy side, I loved the day we furnished the  Heading Home apartment. We worked very hard to transform the empty apartment in a welcoming home to the family moving in after being homeless for months. It was very rewarding to see their reaction and how happy they were! Another event I really like is IIDA Awards as we get to celebrate and see all the great work our industry has produced.