People choose to volunteer for a variety of reasons. For some, it offers the chance to give something back to the community or make a difference to the people around them. For others it provides an opportunity to develop new skills or build on existing experience and knowledge. Whatever the reason is, we at IIDA New England are blessed with a large source of incredible volunteers. Interested in becoming a volunteer? Learn about open positions here

 "Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much." ~ Helen Keller

Advocacy Committee

Advance and advocate for the practice of interior design, including advocating for professional registration throughout New England.
  • Krista Easterly (Board of Directors, Vice President of Advocacy)
  • Robin Adams
  • Matt Hyatt
  • Stephanie McGoldrick
  • Aimee Schefano
  • Amanda Vigneau

2022 Business Leaders Breakfast Committee

The Business Leaders Breakfast unites people from the design profession and the business community to discuss contemporary workplace issues and to receive insights and inspiration from prominent business leaders. It is the region’s premier networking and promotional event for professionals in interior design, architecture, construction, engineering, real estate and furniture industries, as well as their clients. It is accompanied with an Honoree Reception the night before to celebrate an influential person within the design community that will be recognized at the breakfast. This is a great social event to connect with peers and create energy in the New England IIDA community and the BLB Committee is a passionate group of individuals dedicated to creating an annual leadership event that engages and empowers individuals to achieve their goals and recognizing outstanding leadership within the local design community.

  • Colleen Wallace (Board of Directors, Vice President of Chapter Events)
  • Corinna Ghilardi (Co-Chair)
  • Jen Smith (Co-Chair)
  • Heather Brunini
  • Tiara Castro
  • Sandi Cooper
  • Edward Devine
  • Claudia Dicesare
  • Heather Eddington
  • Michelle Roberts
  • Samantha Wilber

Communications Committee

Interested in writing, graphics, social media, the Wire, or any other exciting part of this committee? The Communications team has their hand in all aspects of the IIDA NE community and is the heart of it all! Our mission is to communicate all pertinent information that the chapter has to relay to its members and industry. Our internal goals are for each individual to find ways that their involvement in the committee can augment their professional development.

  • Daryl Avery Swanson (Vice President of Communications)
  • Rachel Lodi (Communications Committee Chair)
  • Katie Corcoran (Email/Publications Subcommittee Chair)
  • Kristyn Hill (Social Media Subcommittee Co-Chair)
  • Ryan Daly (Social Media Subcommittee Co-Chair)
  • Drake Hoffman (Sponsorship Media Subcommittee Chair)
  • Jennifer Lyle (Research & Development Subcommittee Chair)
  • Maggie Opolski (Communications Calendar & Liaison Subcommittee Chair)
  • Lauren Pulver McGrath (Website Subcommittee Co-Chair)
  • Alexa Francis (Website Subcommittee Co-Chair)
  • Maddie Silva (Graphic Designer)
  • Kristin Albrizio
  • John Canuto
  • Samantha Carson
  • Kathryn (Katie) Chapman
  • Jason Connors
  • Swathi deFaria
  • Susan DeForrest
  • Chris Dormody
  • Megan Ferro
  • Jared Giblin
  • Sarah Gosson
  • Allison Hohn
  • Maureen Lyne
  • Ashley Maggiacomo
  • Lauren Maggio
  • Cris Maher
  • Amanda Nicoletti
  • Molly O'Donnell
  • Carolina Otero
  • Ashley Perkins
  • Angela Plante
  • Jillian Welenc

2021 Design Awards Committee

The Design Awards was created in 2007 to celebrate teamwork and showcase interior design projects throughout New England. Each year our mission is to expand the program to include more submissions, as well as promoting excellence within the design work itself. We aim to deliver a professional, high class event focusing on the impact of design within our community.

  • Colleen Wallace (Board of Directors, Vice President of Chapter Events)
  • Carly Bassett (Co-Chair)
  • Kelly Chiaradonna(Co-Chair)
  • Ryan Akers
  • Svetlana Bekker
  • Meghan Bildner
  • Heather Brunini
  • Courtney Carlson
  • Brittany Collins
  • Annamarie Coyne
  • Marcus Hamblin
  • Josh Matteson
  • Amanda Nicoletti
  • Tiffany Riddle
  • Ash Siswick
  • Autumn Thompson
  • Laura Tomlinson

Design Leaders Network (DLN) Committee

Our Design Leaders Network (DLN) is designed to be a forum for high-level conversation around firm leadership that would support the community’s design leaders in their career advancement. The programs are invite-only to allow the guest list to be tailored for the topic at hand and for smaller intimate conversations rather than a seminar format.

  • Meaghan Kennedy (Advisor)
  • Lisa Cupolo
  • Brittani Fleury
  • Kierstin Jenkins
  • Melissa Kalinowski
  • Amy Warren

Emerging Leaders Network (ELN) Committee

Our award winning Emerging Leaders Network program was created to recognize and empower the emerging leaders at each design firm and give them the tools they need to continue their development as a leader amongst their peers and within their firms.
  • Meaghan Kennedy (Advisor)
  • Lisa Bonnet (Co-Chair)
  • Amber Ghory (Co-Chair)

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Committee

Across all IIDA NE platforms, the EDI Committee is committed to advocating for the promotion and celebration of contributions by design professionals, regardless of their race, ethnicity, national origin, sex, age, gender, sexual orientation, religion, gender identity, disability and socio-economic status. Our efforts will serve as a foundation for IIDA NE to support current members, expand membership to new individuals, and interact with diverse vendors outside the organization. We advocate for listening and learning to promote the transformation of our industry as a whole.

  • Robina Shepherd (Board of Directors, Vice President of Equity, Diversity & Inclusion)
  • Jordan Cohen (Chair)
  • Anna Gray (Chair)
  • Marcus Hamblin (Chair)
  • Corinne Barthelemy
  • Lauren Beshara
  • Swathi de Faria
  • Nicole Done
  • Nicole Hathaway
  • Tyler Hilaire-Dubreuil
  • Melissa Kennedy
  • Holyn Nickerson
  • Yennifer Pedraza
  • Kiara Person
  • Brian Potter
  • Stacia Saniuk-Gove
  • Aline Trindade

2021 Fashion Show Committee

The IIDA NE Fashion Show is the biggest event of its kind in the country. The success of this event enables IIDA NE to provide many other opportunities throughout the year. Our committee has lots of fun, but the goal is always to make this event THE event of the year. Committee members are involved in sponsorship, publicity, venue details and more.

  • Colleen Wallace (Board of Directors, Vice President of Chapter Events)
  • Lyndsey Almon (Co-Chair)
  • Jen Imbaro (Co-Chair)
  • Janine Byrne
  • Melisa Donato
  • Brittney Durocher
  • Krista Easterly
  • Chris Huff
  • Matthew Lawless
  • Matt Hyatt
  • Allison Jones
  • Kayla Metheny
  • Breanna Reboca
  • Marty Smith

Hartford City Center Committee

A close-knit design community actively promoting and supporting the practice of interior design in Connecticut.  The Hartford City Center Committee organizes and develops a full range of amazing events and programs for CT-based designers and IIDA industry members, giving committee members opportunities to contribute to the city center’s growth and build their professional network in many ways.

  • OPEN (Board of Directors, Vice President of Hartford City Center)
  • Rachel Arnold
  • Brett Berry
  • Amanda Cleveland
  • Robin Doerfler
  • Jared Giblin
  • Caroline Gresh
  • Kerry Jackson
  • Kelly Johnson
  • Melissa Kalinowski
  • Meagan Kelly
  • Emily Leyland
  • Tyra Leoveanu
  • Meghan Mendes
  • Melissa Spiga
  • Katelyn Witt

Leadership Exploration & Development (LEAD) Committee

Developed in 2019, the Leadership Exploration & Development (LEAD) program squarely focuses on our chapter's mission to increase the value of our members by supporting continued advancement and development throughout their careers. While our incredibly successful Emerging Leaders Network (ELN) supports early-career designers, the LLP offers a "next step" as those designers move into subsequent stages of their careers, including senior leadership positions at their companies. Ideal LEAD-ers have at least 10 years and a maximum of 15 years of experience in the design industry and have significant experience leading project teams that they can reflect upon during the program.

  • Meaghan Kennedy (Advisor)
  • Andrea Coan (Co-Chair)
  • OPEN (Co-Chair)

Membership Committee

  • Leah Raabe (Board of Directors, Vice President of Membership)
  • Bri Dazio
  • Lisa DesJardins
  • Kalyn Pavlinic
  • Jennifer Phan
  • Lisa Statkiewicz

Philanthropy Committee

The Philanthropy Committee strives to inspire designers and industry members to give back to local organizations that have honorable missions to serve the community. We support these organizations through coordination of volunteer activities, donation drives, and monetary gifts provided by successful events sponsored by IIDA NE. By advertising and encouraging participation, members of our professional community come together to serve a common cause. Our work is incredibly rewarding as we witness the impact of our committee's events make from year to year, not only by the essential support we help provide to local organizations, but also the relationships that have grown within our professional community from participation.
  • Rachel Winston (Board of Directors, Vice President of Philanthropy)
  • Kait McKenna (Philanthropy Co-Chair)
  • Katie Munks (Philanthropy Co-Chair)
  • Joanna Jackson (Art Uncorked Co-Chair)
  • Scott Warner (Art Uncorked Co-Chair)
  • Bethany Burns
  • Lauren Brash
  • Claudia DiCesare
  • Nicole Dorsey
  • Elisa Franklin
  • Ana Gannon
  • Samantha Giordano
  • Cassie Hamel
  • Isle Keijser
  • Tyra Leoveanu
  • Kara McGuane
  • Gregg Patten
  • Julie Patterson
  • Lara Robertson
  • Komal Soni
  • Luke Tanguay

Professional Development Committee

IIDA New England’s Professional Development committee focuses on providing a variety of learning opportunities throughout the year. From seminars to CEU’s to tours, our mission is to bring value to designers of all skill levels.

  • Deepa Venkat (Board of Directors, Vice President of Professional Development)
  • Alison Berg
  • Sandi Cooper
  • Brittani Fleury
  • Madaline Hale
  • Melissa Hulbert
  • Joanna Jackson
  • Wayne Jenkins
  • Corie Smith
  • Annie Tudryn

Workplace Innovation Committee

Founded in January 2019, the IIDA NE Workplace Innovation Committee explores the constant evolution of workplace design to discover how we can design for the future of work. Each year, we’ll bring you exciting new examples of how design can disrupt the status quo, maximize human potential, and transform the way we work. Committee members collaborate to curate quarterly tours of award-winning  workplace projects created by IIDA NE members.  The committee will identify projects to tour, coordinate sponsorship, transportation  to/from the venue, and catering. Additionally the committee will work with presenters from the design firms, furniture vendors, owners, and general contractors to develop compelling panel discussions about the innovations behind each space.
  • Deepa Venkat (Board of Directors, Vice President of Professional Development)
  • Melissa Hulbert (Co-Chair)
  • Marianne Weiss (Co-Chair)
  • Katrina Eliadis
  • Matt Hyatt
  • Julie Jaenicke
  • Allison Mee
  • Laura Regrut
  • Christine Wu

Providence City Center Committee

Interested in bringing great programming to the Rhode Island design community? Providence’s team strives to bring professional development, networking, student support and philanthropy events that help our small community coalesce. Our volunteers get to dive into whatever area they feel passionate about whether it is finding a local charity to support through a philanthropy event, making graphic content, finding professional development that’s beyond a traditional lunch and learn program or finding way to connect students with the design community.

  • Jennifer Hanson (Board of Directors, Vice President of Providence City Center)
  • Rachel Arnold
  • Cynthia Bartley
  • Amanda Bodeau
  • Bethany Burns
  • Chelsea DeCrescenzo
  • Kristen Fagan
  • Brittani Fleury
  • Siobhan Haddeland
  • Monica Hanley
  • Kristen Hodges
  • Liz McDonough
  • Debbie Petrarca
  • Susan Sullivan
  • Belinda Tortorella

Sponsorship Committee

Do you enjoy being part of the greater good? The Sponsorship team works year round to assist all the event committees in their efforts to fundraise for the chapter’s premier events throughout New England. Our mission is to provide value and deliver programs that are exclusive to our premier chapter sponsors so they want to be part of the bigger picture of IIDA NE year after year. Our internal goals are to provide a structure for fundraising to support all chapter events but to also help fund events that are put on by committees like Philanthropy and programs like NCIDQ Training Class, Emerging Leaders and the Principals Round Table event.

  • Amelia Papadakis (Board of Directors, Vice President of Sponsorship)
  • Alinka Amoroso
  • Brett Berry
  • Jeanine Cosentino
  • Melissa Cipriano
  • Lisa Cupolo
  • Rebecca Farren
  • Carly Gordillo
  • Drake Hoffman
  • Jen Imbaro
  • Nancy Snyder

Student Affairs Committee

Interested in influencing the careers of the future designers of our community? The Student Affairs team works to connect students in the New England area to local professionals, and expose them to aspects of the design profession that they will be encountering as upcoming graduates. Our mission is to educate and give students the tools needed to succeed as they emerge into the design profession. The team works to develop a well-rounded breath of knowledge to support students in learning about the profession and as they search for prospective jobs through portfolio reviews, career fairs, and mentorship programs.

  • Nicole Ward (Board of Directors, Vice President of Student Affairs)
  • Susannah Bowers
  • Courtney Carlson
  • Alexa Delisle
  • Brittney Durocher
  • Kelly Johnson
  • Jacqueline McGuire
  • Charlotte Noyes
  • Rachel Terwilliger
  • Alyssa Tompkins
  • Marissa Walczak
  • Emily Washek
Heather Eddington
Samantha Wilber
Edward Devine
Tiara Castro
Sandi Cooper 
Michelle Roberts
Heather Brunini 
Claudia Dicesare