Over the years we have had some incredible volunteers, and it has been a highlight to recognize and celebrate them each year at our Annual Meeting & Volunteer Celebration.

Star Award
The Star Award recognizes continuing dedication and outstanding contributions to the Interior Design profession by an individual, and for many years of service to the New England Chapter. Only one Star Award per year may be awarded and may only be awarded to a person one time, once per lifetime. Past recipients include:

2021     Meaghan Kennedy
2019 Matt Hyatt
2017 Corinne Barthelemy
2016 Andrea Coan
2015 Felice Silverman

Distinguished Merit Award
The Distinguished Merit Award recognizes outstanding contributions to IIDA and IIDA New England by a Professional member. Past recipients include:

2021     Amanda Cleveland
2020 Aimee Schefano, Stefanie Comeau
2019 Brittany Morin
2018 Meaghan Kennedy
2014 Dennis Duffy

Leadership Award

The Leadership Award recognizes outstanding leadership contributions to the Interior Design Profession and to New England by a Professional member. Past recipients include:

2021     Marcus Hamblin
2020 Lois Goodell
2019 Amanda Cleveland
2016 Brittney Herrera
2015 Marie Fitzgerald
2014 Tracy Jabs

Service Award

Recognized many years of service and continued dedication to the NE chapter.  Only one award can be awarded each year.  The recipient does not need to be an IIDA member. Past recipients include:

2021     Ryanne Sanderson
2020 Rachel Winston
2019 Mai Nguyen
2018 Heather Brunini
2017 Aimee Schefano
2016 Cathy Moore
2014 Marty Smith

Certificate of Appreciation

This award recognizes IIDA members who have dedicated time and energy to the benefit of all of the organization.  There is no limitation to the number of certificates which may be given but the recipients must be IIDA members. Past recipients include:

2021       Jennifer Lyle, Liz McDonough, Wayne Jenkins, Maggie Opoloski, Jennifer Hanson, Jillian Tara, Autumn Thompson, Brett Berry, Marissa Walczak, Katie Corcoran, Sandi Cooper, Corie Smith
2020 Oriana Merlo, Rachel Lodi, Jeanine Cosentino, Rachel Arnold, Kelly Taylor, Amanda Hastings
2019 Betty Horne, Amelia Papadakis, Jillian Welenc
2018 Krista Easterly, Allison Jones, Denise Rush, Amanda Vicari
2017 Peining Lu, Jenna Boscio, Sandi Cooper, Nico Flannery Pitcher
2016 Kara Hanson, Amanda Vicari, Amanda Cleveland, Kerry Jackson, Brittani Fleury, Kailin Johnson, LeWayne Fisher
2015 Ryanne Bradshaw, Steven Wallace

Certificate of Recognition
This award recognizes individuals who have given outstanding service to the Chapter.  There is no limitation to the number of certificates which may be given, and can be awarded to a non-IIDA member. Past recipients include:

2021     Corinna Ghilardi, Heather Eddington, Deepa Venkat, Carly Bassett, Kristyn Hill, Kalyn Pavlinic, Kelly Chiaradonna, Rachel Lodi, Nicole Done-Pimentel, Breanna Reboca, Samantha Wilbur
2020 Lindsey Almon, Lisa Statkiewicz, Meghan Bildner, Jim Hornor, Ryanne Sanderson
2019 Jen Imbaro, Krista Easterly, Luke Tanguay, Jeremy Rogers, Rachel Winston, Joyce Blatt, Aimee Schefano
2018 Leah Raabe, Jessica Schaumburg
2017 Stefanie Comeau
2016 Colleen Wallace, Matt Hyatt, Katie Grimes, Meaghan Kennedy
2015 Rick Taylor & Mai Nguyen, Emily Sano
2014 Edward Barnett, Andrea Coan, Holyn Nickerson


Student Member of the Year
This award recognizes a student member who has taken advantage of and immersed themselves into the benefits and offerings that IIDA and IIDA NE provide. Past recipients include:

2021     Molly O'Donnell