Boston Location
51 Sleeper St., 6th Floor
Boston, MA 02210
[email protected]
(617) 542-1025

LA Location

800 South Figueroa St., Suite 1080
Los Angeles, CA 90017
[email protected]
(213) 337-1090


What is your company philosophy / what sets you apart from similar companies?
Our approach to design is empowering and ego-free, forming proactive partnerships with our clients and project teams to create a shared sense of ownership throughout the entire creative process. We design for our clients’ clients, the people whose lives and experiences are enhanced by our work. We challenge ourselves to focus first on understanding the end user - the customers, students, employees, visitors, residents - while delivering on our clients’ vision and return on investment. Our culture emphasizes inclusivity and the sharing of ideas. We value education and support a workplace that empowers talented, innovative leaders. We are open-minded, curious, and ambitious.

When did your company first get involved with IIDA?
Bergmeyer’s first “firm” experience with IIDA was in 2007 when me made our debut on the IIDA Fashion Show runway and lost resoundingly.  Despite that, we had a blast, were bitten by the competitive fashion bug, and haven’t missed a show since!

How has being a part of IIDA benefited your company?
IIDA has provided countless opportunities for our staff to build strategic professional and peer relationships and to explore service and leadership opportunities as part of many IIDA committees and boards.  In return, they have brought those connections, experiences and skills back to Bergmeyer in a ways that that have benefited each individually and our company as a whole.  We are blessed to have such a passionate, dedicated and engaged Bergies sharing their time and talents with the chapter and even more blessed that they (and we) are getting so much in return.