All day we will be featuring the entries on our Instagram page through stories. At 6pm tonight, winners will be posted to IGTV!

New England Design Community!  We miss you, your creativity and we miss ending the year on a high note.  With that in mind, we couldn’t possibly imagine a year where we don’t have some type of design competition – for people to explore new ideas and concepts, for groups to come together (virtually!) and engage in fun activities, and for us to get our mind off of work (and 2020). With that, we are pulling together a Faux Fashion Show and want you to take part. See below on some of the rules, but the idea is to have a low barrier to enter so more people can take part, enjoy some fun, and be with the people that matter most to them.

So, what does this look like?  Do you remember when Lady Gaga walked the red carpet in a meat outfit and you thought, “what would that feel like?” Now’s your chance! What about when Billy Porter pushed past boundaries and societal norms and absolutely slayed at all the awards ceremonies!  Go and duplicate it!  Have you ever wanted to replicate the American Gothic painting or create your own Banksy!?!  Now’s the time.  Grab a piece of art or a dynamite fashion look that’s been done before and show everyone how you can make it better with items in your home.