IIDA membership is the first important decision you will make towards your professional career, which is why we strive to offer you a variety of ways to let your opinions and ideas be heard. We want to adapt to you and your needs as you develop as a student. Student Members have several student-specific benefits, which will enhance your IIDA Member experience.

Benefits to joining our local New England Chapter:

  • Campus Centers
    • Designed to give students a direct and interactive approach to the issues surrounding the Interior Design Profession. Sharpen your leadership skills and gain priceless networking opportunities. Schools with Campus centers are eligible to send two students/year to NeoCon for a Student Design Charette with other students from across the country. Create or join a campus center at your school today!
  • Design Competitions
    • Through national and local events, IIDA offers students a way to become recognized within their community. Competitions include:
  • Student Mentoring Week
    • IIDA pairs students with professionals in the industry for long-lasting mentoring experiences. Follow a designer or industry partner around for a day to understand what our community is all about!
  • Perspective Magazine
    • The Associations though leadership journal features cutting-edge articles, trends, and industry highlights. A staple for design education & inspiration.
  • Quad E-Newsletter
    • A quarterly student e-newsletter deaturing design competitions, trends, Campus Center events, industry buzz and cool things our Student Members are up to nationally and around the globe.
  • I <3 I.D. BLOG
    • Our IIDA Student Blog is an international platform for design students to come together and share thoughts, comments and ideas. We post stories related to Interior Design, career searching, interview tips and everything in between.
  • Event Calendar
    • Whether it’s a large industry tradeshow or small networking party, you will know about it first hand from our online Event Calendar both nationally and locally
  • Professional Appellation
    • Similar to the LEED AP appellation after your name, the Student IIDA Member appellation demonstrates credibility to colleagues and prospective employers.
  • Career Center
    • Search for an internship or job nationally with our online career center and gain tips about writing a resume, portfolio, and interviewing
  • IIDA NE Portfolio Day – an annual event the chapter holds – learn more here

Questions about IIDA Student Membership?

Email Amanda Vicari, Vice President of Student Affairs, at